2013 Artists

Print Day in May 2013 is Saturday May 4th. Tell us about your printing plans or finished prints here! We’d love to know who you are, where you are, and what you’re printing.

A quick note: Comments are moderated, so they will not appear instantly on the blog. However we will be checking for them throughout the day. Also if you have photos, we can make a page for you under the Participating Artists Heading. Please email photos and descriptions to *protected email*

Here is what and where some of your fellow printmakers will be doing:
Robynn Smith and Beth Truso- Monterey Peninsula College- Monterey, California
Stacy Frank, Kimberly Parrish, and Georgia Sears- Westside Studio- Santa Cruz, CA
Kim Munson – San Jose, CA
Michelle Achee, and Eva Bernstein- Blue Mouse Mouse Studio, Aptos, CA
Printmakers at the Tannery -Santa Cruz, CA

  • Jane Gregorius
  • Ann Miya
  • Andree Lebourveau
  • Frank Trubea
  • Lynne Simpson
  • Janis O’Driscoll
  • Julie Erreca
  • Mary Neater
  • Hedwig Heershop
  • Janet Fine
  • Mary Weeks

Weid and Hendrick Groenland-Eindoven- Belgium
Ling Liu-Japan
Mei Sheong Wong-Adelaide, Australia
Ann Chernow, CSP, Milestone Graphics, Bridgeport, CT
Pawel Zablocki
Glen Rogers, with Yolanda Lopez, Nan Robb, Hortensia Garrison,
and Claudia Gallardo, Mazatlan, Mexico
Susan Moody made mud prints at Ashram in Quebec.
Kurt Pammer at Open Studio-Toronto
George Woodward- Greenbrae, CA
Lisa Camhi, Emily Wilson, and Dixie Law at Myrtle Press in Sacramento, CA

Bonnie Randall Boller printed abstract clay monotypes in Alameda, CA www.bonnieclayart.com

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  2. Heidi Pomerleau, Kim Bentley, Krisanne Baker, and Joel LeVasseur did some gelatin printmaking on the beach, and on the rocks at Reid State Park in Maine. Great day!

  3. Several printmakers got together for Print Day in May 2013, at Bittondi Printmakers Association open access studio at Aberfoyle Park, Adelaide, South Australia: Geoff Gibbons, Mary Patricia, Wendy Rushby, Mei Sheong Wong, Heather Young and Pam the Good One. We’ll be posting pix soon!

  4. I’m printing at home in Monterey today. I’ve got Marvin Gaye singing to me on my iPod, and just pulled the first print of a new big grid piece. I’m excited!

  5. Hi!

    This is Ling in JAPAN. I did demo printing of Monotype at my open studio event. I had a great day to explain what I’m doing to people never heard of Monotype.
    /Users/lingliu/Dropbox/Camera Uploads/2013-05-04 18.07.04.jpg
    /Users/lingliu/Dropbox/Camera Uploads/2013-05-04 18.17.41.jpg
    /Users/lingliu/Dropbox/Camera Uploads/2013-05-04 18.18.03.jpg
    /Users/lingliu/Dropbox/Camera Uploads/2013-05-04 18.18.13.jpg
    /Users/lingliu/Dropbox/Camera Uploads/2013-05-04 19.11.31.jpg

  6. I’ll be at the 2nd annual Print Fair at the Asheville Museum of Art in Asheville , North Carolina . Representing King Snake Press ,my work and work by select group of artists including Patti Brady , Mary Walker , Mary Gilkerson, Edward Rice and others.

    The Fair starts on May 3 and ends May 5 at 5pm.
    for info go to http://www.ashevilleart.org

    Hope to see you there

  7. I will be printing with a group of 12 others mostly from the Central Print Council of Aeoteroa New Zealand, in Auckland NZ, doing a master class with Kathy Boyle on mixed media printmaking. Can’t wait, she’s such an inspirational teacher/ print maker.

  8. This is what we are doing as a group:
    Print Day in May is on! Saturday 4th May in Foyer Gallery.
    The Tuesday Group has kindly offered to let us join their exhibition in the gallery that day and offer monoprinting, gel print and letterpress for people to try. So come & make a print!
    10-4 on Saturday 4th May, Foyer Gallery, Hutt Art Society, 9-11 Myrtle Street, Lower Hutt, New Zealand