New Member Guide

To register and post on the blog:

1.. Register to become an “Author” by going to the New Member Registration page. You will have to wait a little while until your account is activated by an Administrator. This can take up to a week, though as we get closer to May, we pick up the pace! You will receive a confirmation email when activated.

2. Once your account is activated, go to

3. Login using the “Member Login” area at the bottom of the right sidebar of the PDM Home page.

4. Once you’ve logged in, use the menu at the upper left to click on “New” followed by “Post”.

5. Fill in your post title and content. If you want to post images and videos, click on “Add Media”, then drag and drop or upload files into the content window.

6. Click the blue “Publish” button in the top left.

You can also “comment” on an existing blog post. To do this:

1. Go to the Blog page.

2. Click on the title of the blog post you wish to read and comment on.

3. In the “Leave a Reply” box at the bottom fill in your reply content. Note that replies to posts do not allow images or video. Text only.

4. Click the black “Post Comment” button in the bottom right.