35 U.S States, 39 Countries!

We’re almost there! Where will you be printing?We’ve reached 15.000 people on Facebook, and for every one of those folks, and every one of the 100+ people registered on our blog, dozens, perhaps hundreds more are participating.

We are so excited!IMG_2724

31 US States and 32 Countries World Wide!

As of April 23, 2016, we have registered  thousands of printmakers in 31 US states and 32 countries. Our facebook posts have reached over 14,000 printmakers, and  dozens of new participants are “liking” us everyday.

Printing on May 7, 2016 means you are part of a world wide community of like minded creative people, all taking the time to do what we all love to do, all at the same time.

How truly inspiring.  Thank you all and happy printing!

SGCI Conference in Portland

I just got back from the Southern Graphics Conference in Portland. We were blessed with lovely weather and the company of many wonderful printmakers. The conference was held in many locations in downtown Portland. Notable was the beautiful Pacific Northwest College of Art.  There conference participants could experience new techniques and see master printers at work. There were many exciting exhibitions and good panel discussions. On Friday night a shop in the industrial area of Northeast Portland threw a fabulous print party, with steam roller printing and screenprinting on just about anything.

Dimensional print exhibition at PNCA
Dimensional Print exhibition at PNCA


We were able to get the word out on Print Day in May, and we hope to have even more participants this year than last. Help us achieve our goal! Let all of your printmaking friends and acquaintances know of PDM May 7, 2016. And of course, post on the blog and let us know where you will be printing.

Steamroller Printing  at Atelier Meridian, Portland
Steamroller Printing at Atelier Meridian, Portland

Huge Thank Yous to the Team!

Thank you so much to the 2015 Print Day in May team!

Gina Thoeni-Bence, Beth Truso, Marina Orlova and Cheryl Sward. PDM would not have existed this year without you!
And to Eddie Gil de Montes, who restructured our blog-a thousand thanks.
Yours in Print,

Robynn Smith