Ireland and Michigan Kathleen Mooney

Ireland and Michigan

Ireland and Michigan by Kathleen Mooney

Hand carved block / hand painted print by Kathleen Mooney Artist from Michigan in Ballyferriter County Kerry, Ireland May 6, 2017 for International Print Day in May. Representing Michigan and Ireland with the beautiful waters of the Atlantic and Lake Michigan and bird flight of Gulls and Gannets. Two worlds, many miles apart align to celebrate creativity. Happy and pleased to participate in International Print Day in May 2017!

Print Day in Dingle, Ireland

Féile na Bealtaine (May Festival in Gaelic) is a music and arts festival that has been running here in Dingle for the last 21 years. Celebrating creativity in all it’s forms this magic festival brings the whole community as well as artists and performers from all corners together.

This year Meitheal Eitseála (West Kerry Print Group) decided to not only show an exhibition of their work for the festival but also to take part in International Print Day in May by putting on a pop-up print studio and invite the public in to try their hands at printmaking.

It was so exciting to be part of something so exciting across the globe. Here’s a selection of photos from the day, you can see more here

Art Party

Eight prints competed in editions of 5 during Print Day in May.

Eight prints competed in editions of 5 during Print Day in May.

Thanks for the opportunity (or excuse) to enjoy a marathon event in my Connecticut print studio for a day of creative magic. Our group of eight began in the morning and finally ran out of steam around 11pm.

Our Art Party group is a small group of arts oriented couples in town who gather every couple of months for an eventing of art, music, food, drink and lively conversation. Our projects are typically low key and stress free; art salon style setting creating collage, prints, painting, clay, origami or simply tossing art supplies on the dining room table and seeing what happens. This being our 21st. organized event , we like to think of ourselves as contemporary art colony.

Carving lino cuts in William Evertson's studio.

Carving lino cuts in William Evertson’s studio.

Deciding to participate in the Print Day in May involved a bit more planning since we wanted to not only have a bit of fun and celebrate printmaking with artists around the world but also have some great art to share and take home at the end of the day.

Men at work

Men at work in William’s studio

We actually began a couple of weeks ago by setting everyone up with some linoleum blocks to get a jump start on the carving. By Print Day some artists were set to go and a few needed a bit of bench time to finish the carving, which worked well to stagger the press time on the single press.

William Evertson and his print Ox Returns to the Market.

William Evertson and his print Ox Returns to the Market.

In all we worked great as a collaborative group helping everyone finish enough prints to share. Everyone went home with an example of each other artist’s work.

Susan Shulman and her "Warrior Bunny" linocut.

Susan Shulman and her “Warrior Bunny” linocut.

We had a special guest at our Print Day Event; Susan Shulman the well known painter and visual artist from Montreal spent the weekend preparing several prints to publish and share with the group. See more of Susan’s work on her website.

Congratulations to all the artists worldwide who celebrated and shared their remarkable work.

Regards, William Evertson

William’s website


Happy Print Day in May from Richmond Hill, ON, Canada!

Hi! My name is Katie Argyle and I’ve been really looking forward to May 2nd. I knew it’d be my time to get into my studio to print. I feel satisfied with what I made today. I completed a few projects to a stage where I can finally move forward to refining the process for better results.

I made two prints today. A small woodcut based on a local historical site called The Burr House where a print exchange I organized is now hanging. This print will be a component of something larger if it all works out.






Here’s my first block from today with the clothespin for scale.




Burr House 1974

love seeing so many prints together. very satisfying.

I hand-printed an edition of 30.

woodcut hand-printed onto a T-shirt using a rolling pin

woodcut hand-printed onto a T-shirt using a rolling pin















Next an experiment with a new-to-me easy carve “lino”. I don’t enjoy carving this stuff, no resistance or feedback as I work it and I hate that the little bits do not crack off.

Richardson's brand linocut experiment:  Manatee

Richardson’s brand linocut experiment: Manatee

Hate that very much cause then I have to go back and cut them out.  I did like this design.

Manatee (4"x6") linocut

Manatee (4″x6″) linocut

This is for a friend who has a band called The Manatee Band. I printed a t-shirt with this block as well today. A good printing day today.

Manatee t-shirt, hand-printed from linocut with rolling pin

Manatee t-shirt, hand-printed from linocut with rolling pin

Ruth Lathlean’s Work for Print Day in May


My friend Ruth Lathean is also a member of the Artist Society of Canberra Fun With Printmaking Workgroup and has just sent me images of some prints she did for Print Day in May.   Originally I was going to register us as a group, but many of us had already registered separately for this year so I didn’t, but  Ruth wasn’t registered in time.  Ruth has spent weeks and weeks cutting  3 separate lino cuts  to create her multi coloured prints, which are very apt for this time of year as it is a colourful autumn here on Canberra. The were printed on a printing press.  I hope no one minds me sharing her work under my blog and we will make sure we have a group registration for our printmaking workgroup  next year. Ruth is a talented artist and also a well travelled photographer who publishes her own books.  Here are Ruth’s prints – hope you like them.  Cheers.  Linocuts of trees (1)






Linocuts of trees (2)


Linocuts of trees

Heatherian’s Print Day in May at Symonston, ACT, Australia




I am a member of the Artists Society of Canberra Fun With Printmaking Workgroup and today I started my printing rather late in the day as I had to attend an open day at M16 Artspace in Canberra, which is where our printmaking group meets.

I didn’t get underway until about 4.30 pm and  started out by hand pulling some small lino cuts in different colours, then did one lino print of a larger size.  After that I couldn’t help but get stuck into playing with my gelli plate.  During the last week I had scoured junk shops looking for items I could use with the gelli plate and came home with a load of rubbish, and I was dying to test out what I’d found.  Amazing how being an printmaker or mixed media artist turns us all into hoarders and rubbish collectors – we end up scouring the streets for trash – bits of metal, twine, anything we can use to make a  picture or a print.  Anyway, things didn’t go as well as I hoped, probably because I was short of time and rushing to get stuff done,  but I still had fun, as always.  Love lino cuts and love my gelli plate!  Following are a few of the images I printed. I would have put more, but am having some trouble uploading them, so these will have to do.

The blue images were all made using the gelli plate, hand pulled using Speedball water based ink.



pdmtree techno originals 3365 pdmtree techno originals 3366 pdmtree techno originals 3369 pdmtree techno originals 3370 pdmtree techno originals 3371 pdmtree techno originals 3368

Techno 2

Techno 2

Techno 1

Techno 1

This lino print was printed over the top of another lino print. Under print was Speedball inks, overprint was hand pulled using Dervan black  block ink.  Had to use plenty of ink as  it was on a textured paper and the under print made it had to get a good print using just hand pressure.

Eyes 1

Eyes 1

This is the same lino cut, which I finished carving this week.  I like to do tangles and I decided to do a tangle on a piece of lino and then carve it.  The was hand pulled using the Speedball inks.  The tree lino cuts were printed over the top of some ghost prints.

Eyes 2

Eyes 2








pdmtree 3363pdmtree 3362pdmtree 3361


I printed the lino print in a few colours to see what it looked like, and tried some different types of papers too.  It is much harder to print onto thicker and textured paper – I prefer to use the thinner Japanese printing papers for doing hand pulled prints.

pdm eyes 3352pdm eyes 3351pdm eyes 3350


I did this lino cut quite a while ago, but had never done many prints from it, so today I dragged it out and did one, plus a ghost print.  It is called “Transformation”  and is part of a series relating to how our planet and all life on it is transformed by the action of sunlight and water.

pdm butterfly 3347



pdmtree techno ghost prints 3375



















Some of the ghost prints (above) also turned out OK, I even prefer some of them to the originals.


Well that’s it for me for Print Day in May.  Cheers from Canberra Australia.