Printing at Blue Mouse Studios today

What a blast! Fun people, good prints, good food and the Kentucky Derby. It was wonderful to check in hourly with the blog and Facebook. Thousands of people all over the world are celebrating what we all love. Yay for Print Day in May!

Linda Craighead pulling a pastel transfer:
















This solarplate etching by Jodie Doge:






This Solarplate is printed intaglio and relief. By Robynn Smith:









Noro Partido making prints:IMG_2219


Deborah Rantz’s Solarplate etching:







Print Day in May

Rising to the occasion… working on the key block for a new series of linocut/monotypes… cheers! #printdayinmay2017gc, #AkuaPD2017, #SpeedballPD2017, #ArnhemPD2017


Great day printing!

Inked up and printed a solarplate today. Love this image from my favorite Paris hotel room’s window. And Jodie’s jellyfish is gorgeous! Such a great day printing with friends and the rest of the world.