2014 Artist list is up!

If you haven’t already checked out the 2014 artist list, you can do so by clicking here, or by clicking the tab “2014 Artists”.  We had a lot of participation this year! Thank you all for a successful PDM!

Most names are linked to artist websites, so check back now and then to see what your fellow printmakers are up to.

If you participated and your name is missing, please leave a comment with your name, location, and website if you have one.



We’re Printing!


Welcome to Print Day in May!  Today is the day! We’re so excited to have participants from all over the world. (Check out where everyone is printing from on the 2014 Artists list).

The activity is underway on our Facebook page, so be sure  to check it out and post your photos and comments.

We’ll be updating the blog with your photos and submissions throughout the day and over the next couple of weeks, so be sure to check back to see all the new additions. We will be sharing some of the photos from Facebook here on the blog, but you can also submit them to us by email.

To submit blog photos please email Robynn: robynn@cruzio.com

If your sharing on other social sites like twitter, pinterest, instagram, google+, tumbler, etc. use hashtag #printdayinmay

Happy Printing Friends!



It’s That Time Again – Get Ready for PDM 2014

May 3rd, the first Sat in May of 2014, is only just over a month away. That means we want to know who will be printing with us, and from where. Send us comments below of your PDM 2014 plans.

No, plans yet, well you’ve got about a month to make some! Join with other local printmakers, share your studios with friends, take a workshop, make prints in a non-traditional way…just plan on printing May 3rd…and let us know about it.

Join us on Facebook and post photos. I’ll share them on the blog. www.facebook.com/PrintDayInMay

Happy Printing!
- Kim

San Jose ICA Print Center


Another Great Print Day in May!

So far we have heard from printmakers on five continents, representing eleven countries! Take a look at the list below, and let us know if we can expand it! Did you print somewhere? Do you know anyone else who did?

Happy Print Day in May from your buddies in print,

Beth and Robynn

2013 Print Day in May
Yokohama, Japan
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Auckland and Lower Hutt New Zealand
Canberra, Aberfoyle Park and Adelaide Australia
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Mazatlan, Mexico
Eindoven, Belgium
Cumbria, UK
Stavangy, Norway
Canmore, Alberta, Canada
Ontario, Canada
North Vancouver, BC, Canada
and the following places in the United States:
Monterey, California (Home of Print Day in May!)
Santa Cruz, Aptos, San Jose, Seaside, San Francisco, Greenbrae and Oakland, California
Asheville, North Carolina
Tucson, Arizona
Lansing, Michigan
Coastal Maine
New Orleans, Louisiana


The Day has Come!!!!!

It’s Print Day in May! Beth and Robynn are heading down to Monterey to print with 15 others at Monterey Peninsula College. You’ll hear from us throughout the day.
Print On!!!!!!

Here at MPC, there are printmakers working in most techniques: artists are creating and printing solar plates, monotypes, linocuts, gum arabic transfer, pronto plates and dry-point. So far no one has dipped into the etching tank but alas, the day is young!

A quick note: Comments are moderated, so they will not appear instantly on the blog. However we will be checking for them throughout the day. Also if you have photos, we can make a page for you under the Participating Artists Heading. Please email photos and descriptions to bethtruso@sbcglobal.net

See us on Facebook:


Print Day in May Is Almost Here!

Please let us know where you will be printing on May 4, 2013. You can post to this blog with comments and photos. We would love to add you to our rooster of participating artists. Here in the Monterey Bay area Robynn and Beth will be printing at Monterey Peninsula College the birthplace of Print Day in May.

Print Day in May is a great opportunity to invite fellow artists or curious bystanders into your studio and share with them the joys of printmaking.

Make a mark on Saturday, print and repeat!


A Note from Wied and Hendrick in Eindoven, Belgium

A note from Wied and Hendrick in Eindoven, Belgium,

As you could imagine I print almost every day, so also on the 4th of May! So of course I’ll join you.

I have place for 4 printers: one lithography press, one woodprint press, one screenprint press and two etching presses.


So four printers are welcome!


Wied & Henderik


Contact Wied directly if you wish to work with them: ljmgroenlandvanginderen@onsneteindhoven.nl











Join Us for Print Day in May-2013

This year the event is Saturday May 4th.  It’s so easy and fun to participate. Just print somewhere, sometime during the day, and let us know you’re doing it. Your post will go up on our blog and you’ll be connected to printmakers all around the globe, all doing what they love to do,  all at the same time.


Print Day in May began in 2007 at Monterey Peninsula College (MPC), Monterey, CA. The MPC Fine Art Print Club (now the MPC Printmakers) created it to encourage printmakers everywhere to create prints on the same day . . . an all-inclusive printmaking effort! Join the MPC Printmakers, and make some prints during International Print Day in May!

If you are in the Monterey Bay Area, you can sign up for ART 38F Special Printmaking Techniques: Individualized Projects at Monterey Peninsula College.  This is Print Day in May home base, and we must fill this workshop to ensure a successful event, so please visit the website and sign up for this great class! www.mpc.edu