Print Day in May 2016 is only 4 months away!!!

What will you be doing on May 7, 2016? Why, printing of course. You and thousands of others, as we all spend a day doing what we love to do.

Our event, which began in a few studios in Monterey and Santa Cruz in 2007, has become an exhilarating, magical, global event. Please participate in 2016, by printing somewhere on May 7 amd posting on this blog or on our Facebook page. www.facebook.com/printdayinmay

Invite other printmakers to work in your studio, arrange a field trip to some else’s  studio, make a footprint in tthe sand or a lip print on a mirror. It’s all about making global impressions on May 7!

Thank you so much for making prints with us and for spreading the word about this global event. We sincerely appreciate your energy and dedication to creativity and community.

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Printmaking is Powerful!


Printmakers Unite! Let’s spend one day a year doing what we love to do. Let’s all print together on the same day, all over the world!

Print Day in May 2016
Saturday, May 7

Participate in any number of ways! Post to our Facebook page, Register to be an author on this blog, or contact Robynn Smith directly at ude.c1455375848pm@ht1455375848imsr1455375848 or moc.o1455375848izurc1455375848@nnyb1455375848or1455375848.

Since 2007, the Monterey Peninsula College Printmakers have devoted the first Saturday in May to printmaking. What began as locally in the Monterey Bay Area of California has become a world wide event, with printmakers participating from over a dozen countries, on five continents.

By providing a cause for creative synergy and a forum for building and sharing community, the event unites the world printmaking community and fosters a better understanding of the art of printmaking.

Join us as we print on the first Saturday in May. There are many ways to participate. Make a print anywhere, anyhow on that day. Join up with other printmakers, invite guests to join you, work on your own, make handprints with kids or footprints in the sand. Just print, enjoy, share and repeat!